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Make Your Next Session Interesting

As a photographer, one of the biggest challenges I face when making portraits, is making every image interesting. Too many times clients will hire a photographer and go with the unintentional expectation that all they have to do is sit in front of their camera and amazing photos will be the result of the session.


For my sessions, I like to theme the session or like I do a small child, have them bring an object, a particular type of clothing to make the photo session about.

When shooting with the Hensley's, they wanted to make sure their boots were in the photos. First thing to do was selecting a location to shoot. For this session, I chose Mountain Gateway Museum in Old Fort, North Carolina. On their property are two restored cabins. Perfect for the ideas I had for the "Boots Session" as I like to call it.

On the day of the portrait session, we made photos of the family first, the mom and dad, and then the children. Next, I focused on the boots. We made a few shots with the family together in different positions, then I had the family remove their boots and they positioned them the way they wanted. It's always good to get the clients involved in the creation process. These are some of the photos we created.

Four Star: Family's boots toe to toe in a star formation

Best Foot Forward: Family's right foot together

Finally, this is the footage of the Hensley's posing their boots for what I think is the best boot photo.

Be nice to our photographer, be prepared for your next photo session by having a theme in mind.

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